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vonJohannes Hoppe

AngularConnect 2018:
Getting to grips with state – NgRx and RxJS (Ferdinand Malcher & Johannes Hoppe)

Redux is one of the most controversally discussed topics in modern web development – and one of the most complicated ones to jump on with. With the "Reactive Extensions for Angular" (NgRx), Redux has arrived on the Angular scene: Complex applications are becoming more easily controllable and components can be strictly separated from domain/business logic. In this session we will introduce you to all the building blocks of Redux. We will show you how the idea works by building our own application with NgRx. With the help of clear examples, you will learn how to apply the most important components and patterns, as well as using the Schematics collection of NgRx. By the end of the session you will be able to understand terms such as Observables, Immutability, Actions and Reducers as well as Effects.

Thanks to the demo materials that are provided, you will be able to create your own Angular application with NgRx and RxJS.

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